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There’s nothing new about the classic game of Breakout, but X Ball does a great job of adding features and extras to put new life into the game. In the first of many creative additions, you start with $1,000 to spend on power-ups such as the three-ball split, lasers, and the sticky paddle. Some of these we’ve seen before, but there are also power-ups that let you take aim at a group of bricks to make them explode; a vertical and horizontal smash for taking out whole rows of bricks; and a magnetic paddle to attract balls. Also, if you hit the wrong brick, enemies will float onto your screen to make play even more difficult. With 30 levels in the game and more than 250 user-created levels available, you’ll never run out of new walls to break down. There’s even a world editor in the full version to create your own. We found that even though this is a Breakout clone, there are enough new features to make this classic game fresh again.


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Download X Ball Free for Mac

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