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This installment of the Total Annihilation real-time-strategy series transfers the action to a swords-and-sorcery universe. As in all real-time-strategy games, you build structures and produce units to smash your enemy s base with overwhelming force. In this case, you use a conjurer to “”summon”” structures instead of building them with peasants or buying them in a construction yard. However, the selection of buildings is not too generous, nor is the economy very well developed. The game lacks balance, too, strongly favoring defensive play (hiding behind a forest of towers is nearly always your best bet). After you adjust the video options to a minimum 1,024×768 resolution, the graphics look quite attractive. The sound effects and music, however, are indifferent. The demo version comes with a limited campaign and a one-map single-player mode, which gives the demo good replay potential. All in all this demo is a good-looking, decent-playing, but not spectacular download by commercial RTS standards.


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Download Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Free for Windows

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