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FixIt II for Mac removes some additional characters that often appear and clutter e-mails that are forwarded many times. However, while the program cleans up the characters created through multiple forwarding, it doesn’t have the ability to delete certain special characters, including $, %, and # from text in e-mails.

FixIt II for Mac’s interface lacks advanced design, and uses basic text only, which gives it a dated overall appearance. Users can paste text into a main window that needs to have unwanted characters removed. Clicking a button labeled “Simple” removes the vertical bars, as well as the “>” character, which are often found in forwarded e-mails. A “Complex” button purportedly removes additional unwanted characters, but these are not clearly listed in the program, which is a disappointment. In our tests, the app did not remove many special characters, such as the “@,” making it difficult to interpret the program’s usefulness with other characters. When the user clicks on either “Simple” or “Complex” buttons, the text is automatically placed in the computer’s clipboard, making it easy to paste into additional e-mails to others. If the user wants to edit the text, manually, they can use “Edit-Select All” and then paste it where intended. The instruction text in the main window tells you how to use the program but it doesn’t seem particularly clear regarding the “Auto Clear” feature as it mentions the “Fix It” button, which, while testing, wasn’t visible in the interface.

FixIt II for Mac could be useful to users who use Apple Mail and frequently forward e-mails as it will make text less cluttered and more readable. However, while the program can clear some characters from text, its lack of support for other common special characters makes it a less useful application, overall.



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Download FixIt II Free for Mac

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