Download Dragonshard single-player demo Free for Windows

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Real-time strategy games aren’t as popular as they were in the late 90s, but Dragonshard will nevertheless win many gamers’ hearts. The reason? Stunning graphics and sound, and an original combination of RTS and RPG action. The story takes place in Eberron, a new world from the Dungeons & Dragons universe. The action unfolds in two subworlds, on the surface and underground. Up above, the game is similar to many real-time strategies: you amass resources, build structures, and assemble an army. In the subterranean levels, Dragonshard is closer to an RPG: you lead a small party of fighters, archers, wizards, and thieves who kill monsters, collect stuff, and solve puzzles to gain experience points. The demo’s two chapters are rich in cutscenes and character dialogs. The graphics are oustanding throughout, with detailed character models, rich textures, and an abundance of special effects. Be sure to have a powerful PC with good 3D capabilites. This is one of the best games we’ve seen. We would give it even more than five stars if we could. It’s both a stunning technical achievement and a masterpiece of game design.


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Download Dragonshard single-player demo Free for Windows

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