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Click It for Mac lets the user try out their mouse skills and compete for the best score in a free but basic game. The game features elementary interface, graphics, and gameplay, and apart from being able to choose the speed, users cannot adjust anything in the game or progress to higher levels.

Click It for Mac downloads in the blink of an eye and runs instantly. There is no guidance or instruction as to getting started but, really, none is needed. The interface consists of the main area where your targets are displayed once you start the game and the basic menu area with the timer and score. There are only two main buttons — start and stop — and the user can choose the preferred speed — slow, medium, or fast. Once the user sets their preferred speed and hits the start button, a field of different colored circles begin moving around the window in a jerky manner and the timer starts a countdown form 60 to 0. Each color is different in size with the black being the largest and red, the smallest. The goal of the game is to click on as many circles as possible as fast as possible. Each time the user clicks on a circle, it disappears and the score goes up. The smaller and the faster the circle, the more points the user receives for eliminating it. However, each wrong click reduces the overall score by 10. Once the user reaches a certain score, a pop-up window appears, letting them submit it to the high-scores chart. The game gives no additional settings or options apart from the user being able to turn the sound on and off and check for high scores.

Click It for Mac isn’t the most riveting game on the market, but it may help users new to the Mac get faster with their mouse. If you need help in this area, the download is free. If you’re looking for a fun diversion that you’ll want to play over and over, this probably isn’t it.



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