Mentions Tools

Looking at the mentions individually. First you’ll see each mention’s associated favicon and the title of the content. Underneath this you’ll see we have created quick and easy tools to streamline your preferences for results and flag important content.

In each mention there are several filtering tools. First (after the source link) you’ll see a vote link and box. This allows multiple users to voice their opinion about whether a single mention is worthy of attention. Next, you’ll see a star, which is used for marking your favorite or “bookmarking” mentions and sources.

Finally, further to the right, if you hover on a particular mention, you’ll see a button with the word “Act.” This feature allows you to comment or add information to any result. It also allows you to edit and delete results as needed

All of features—vote, bookmark, and act—can then be used as criteria for further filtering your results.

Also, take a look a couple of blocks to the right beyond the mentions list. These are essentially snapshots of incoming photos that pertain to your mentions and a top sources list showing the number of mentions gathered currently.