Mention Filters

On the main Mentions page, you'll find a blue toolbar where you’ll discover more sorting and filtering capabilities. The Timeframe filter allows you to review mention results for a specific period. To the right, you’ll also see the Show Only filters which provide additional ways to drill down into your results by filtering them according to your preferences. By this we mean that you can use your source profile watchlist/blacklist options and your mention-level bookmark, edit, delete capabilities, and voting to filter your content accordingly.

Before we get into the mention sorting specifics, you can also see here in the blue toolbar a tag search option which can be used to find content with tags you’ve added or tags we extracted using semantic technologies. Topic sorting is easily accessible with our drop-down topic-filter box, which allows filtering of mentions by specific topics. So, if you want to quickly see only mentions relevant to one of your topics of interest, that drop-down can help you with it.