You can download fully bundled distribution in tar.gz and zip formats:

System Requirements:

  • A VPS or dedicated server with 1GB RAM minimum, 2GB recommended.
  • Up-to-date LAMP Stack. PHP 5.2. and MySQL 5.x required. PHP must have mod_rewrite enabled. An op-code cache like APC is highly recommended since it greatly improves performance.
  • Required PHP settings: max_execution_time at least 120 seconds and memory_limit at least 128MB (190MB recommended)
  • Caution: make sure cron is running properly, otherwise - no data will come in! You need to run cron frequently. Every 5 or 10 minutes, at the least.
  • Tattler needs to be installed on a sub-domain. This release-candidate version is not, yet, fully tested with a subfolder installation mode.

How do I install Tattler?

Installing Tattler (app) is as simple as installing Drupal. The setup walks the administrator through with a wizard-style process.

The administrator will enter the site name, basic information and API keys. Once this process is complete you can set up topics to be monitored. At that Tattler will be installed and ready for use.

License Agreement

Tattler is an open-source software covered by GNU General Public License version 2. Please see GPL for more details about the license.